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"All Great things require great dedication."

- Chuck Norris


2005 TAKK Tampere Adult Education Centre
Software engineer - Mobile and network devices

2004 Military – Riihmäki Message regiment, 1 Company.

2003 Northern Pirkanmaan institute of education
Computer Science - Data Systems Improvement

Skills and Areas of expertise:

  • Responsible for supporting wide variety of software and hardware
  • Diagnosis/troubleshoot of desktop, mobile devices, application, networking and infrastructure issues.
  • Administering the IT department’s policies and procedures.
  • Local and remote support and related customer service.
  • Comprehensive management of ICT software and Internet functions.
  • Installation, support, servicing and maintenance of ICT and mobile equipment.
  • Retail business device installation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Wan/Lan/wlan network (fiber optics/wired) Installation, support, servicing and maintenance
  • ICT-device life-cycle management.
  • Project design, documentation and implementation.
  • Server management.
  • Global help desk and telephone support.
  • Creating manuals for software / computer use.
  • Software testing and compatibility checks.
  • Use and management of Active Directory.
  • Operation and maintenance of databases.
  • Experience of supporting a wide and varied client base.
  • Training new employees.
  • Assistance with training of staff and compiling procedural documentation.
  • A positive attitude towards customer service and good communication skills.
  • Ability to be clear & concise when explaining technical procedures to customers.
  • Supporting a multi-site IT infrastructure for over 4000 employees.
  • Ensure computer hardware is safe & complies with health and safety legislation.

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